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Ceramic Frames

We don’t have any products to show here right now.


Typical Frame Sizes

A : 50cmx20cmx7cm

B : 75cmx25cmx7cm

C : 50cmx70cmx7cm

D : 75cmx50cmx7cm

E : 95cmx25cmx7cm

F : 75cmx75cmx7cm

If you have a space that you have in mind with different dimensions, just let us know.  Please note that if the space is very large it is better to have several frames all the same theme or colour as they can become heavy to move around easily.

Screenshot 2020-11-17 at 22.28.05.png

Ceramic Colours

Ceramic Finishes

There is a great choice of colour within the frames.  To achieve the very vibrant colours, usually a porcelain or slip can be coloured using a commercial stain or oxide.  If you have a specific colour way you are trying to follow, the choices are endless and more often than not achievable.


Within the frames, there is a choice of clay body.  Different clays have contrasting tones and textures.  Usually four different clays are used – porcelain, red stoneware, white stoneware & black stoneware.  The clay body gives a different texture and finish depending on which one is used (and if the clay contains grog) The pots can be either thrown or slipcast and the frames can contain whatever combination is preferred.  If slipcasting is used, it is always carefully finished by hand and thrown pots are often textured on the wheel at throwing stage.  Whichever technique is used, great care is taken to make sure there is a seamless synergy in the final product .


Finalising the Process


When the frame dimensions and colour, ceramic finish and colour has been decided, you will be sent an image of what your final frame will look like.  If you are completely happy with the product the ceramics will be secured and the frame will be glazed with Tru Vue * specialist glass.

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