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Tamsin is predominantly a wheel based potter but also uses the slip casting technique. 

She works in different coloured stoneware clays & porcelain.

Her ceramics are defined by simplicity and strength of form and possess an organic quality creating sense of stillness and calm.

In recent years she has done extensive work on colour testing and while doing this, was intrigued by the potential of the seemingly infinite scenarios and colour combinations possible.  She explains ‘I put groups and combinations together… many different colours, clay types and sizes.  I tweak, edit, revisit, add, gap fill, leave space… It is such a broad art form, that the seeming constraints of the frame can capture a tangible snapshot of what the clay is capable of.  They can evolve to compliment my client’s décor.  The possibilities are endless.' 

When not focusing on her frames, Tamsin is fascinated by exploring different ceramic forms and design.  She produces a wide range of predominantly non-functional, one off pieces.  Mainly wheel thrown stoneware and often subtly altered and added to using hand building or slip casting making them stand out and unique.

‘My clients are struck by the beauty and technical genius of Tamsin’s work… it is a joy to represent such a talented artist…’

Deborah Allan, Director Wychwood Art


About Tamsin Levene Ceramics

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Oxfordshire, UK


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